Don't Settle For This! You Deserve a REAL Water Feature!

Don't Settle For This! You Deserve a REAL Water Feature!
Landscapers are a dime a dozen. Would you let your mechanic fill your cavities just because he owns a drill? Call a specialist! Call Moving Water (904) 335-7656

2011 Project Sample



Lighting Adds Dramatic Interest

Back Yard Trout Pond

Drilled rock bubbler & stream

Reflecting Pool with Lone Stone

Planting Into an Existing Pond

Freshly Finished Formal Falls

Another Example of a Formal

Streams Make Great Links Between Ponds
 We've had quite the variety in our projects this season. Between work on our crown jewel trout pond we've fit in a number of unique jobs. Streams have been a big one this year as well as a few requests for more "formal" looking features. We also are seeing an influx in rebuilds and repairs. As more and more unqualified people are out on the scene building shoddy ponds we get more and more calls to come to the rescue of these botched jobs. Bubbling rocks are also making a "splash" lately as they are relatively inexpensive and can be put into places where a full pond would not fit. A few of our displays can now be seen around the valley. We now have drilled bubbling rocks for sale and a demonstration fountain at a cute little nursery in the heart of Sugarhouse. Check them out at Traces on 1432 S. 1100 E.. We've also just put in a little mini-pond in the back of Desert Water Gardens. This small feature gives a customer an idea of what they can expect with a smaller type feature. Loaded with plants this simple but attractive pond proves that you don't need much room and an enormous budget to enjoy water gardening. Check that one out at Desert Water Gardens at 3674 S. 900 E. in Salt Lake City.
We are also very proud to have one of our jobs featured again this year on the Utah Water Gardening Society's annual pond tour. The Yates pond, built 8 years ago, will once again be among those chosen on the route. It's a real feather in our cap to have a customer so happy with their pond that they want to show it off. And it is a beauty!
With a few months left to go in the season this is the time we buckle down and put in long days to finish the projects we've taken on. We enjoy what we do and I hope it shows.